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#27288 - 1/43rd scale Tustin, California Police Ford Crown Victoria UNSTAMPED BOX




Collections: Gearbox Collectibles Cars - Unstamped Boxes

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Vendor: Gearbox




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1/43rd scale from the long out of business Gearbox Collectibles.

When a car was scheduled to be made by Gearbox, the factory in China would make 3 prototypes and send 2 to Gearbox and one to the police agency for approval.

Once the prototype was approved, the factory would make a case of 12 cars and send them overnight to Gearbox for inspection.  These 12 cars were called pre-ocean shipment samples.  Once received by Gearbox the cars were checked for accuracy and consistency and if they were OK, Gearbox then authorized the full production run to be made.  The pre-ocean samples came in the normal Gearbox packaging but did not have numbers stamped on the bottom of the box.  These samples were then locked away in an archive room in the Gearbox building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa until Gearbox went out of business in July 2007.

This is your opportunity to purchase one of the 12 cars made as pre-ocean samples for Gearbox.