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#43007 - 1/64th scale 1980-1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria (white) ***HOBBY EXCLUSIVE*** WITH LIGHTBAR AND PUSHBAR




Collections: Greenlight Cars - 1/64th Scale, Greenlight Cars - Future Releases, Greenlight Cars - Hobby Exclusives

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***Tentatively scheduled for release in November 2022.  Date is likely to change with worldwide shipping issues which are completely beyond the manufacturer's control.***

Item sold as shown in photos.  1/64th scale.  Perfect for your next custom car!

These cars will come to dealers in 100 piece master cartons.  Each carton will have 50 cars with a lightbar and pushbar while the other 50 cars in the carton will not have a lightbar or pushbar.  Each car will come in a white box to make customizing easy. 

This item is a Greenlight Hobby Exclusive item.  It is not sold at big box retailers or mass merchandisers but is only carried by small online retailers such as Conroy's Cruisers.